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Dragon: The Conclusion!

Parts 07 to 12 of the Dragon comic I created when I was wee are now up on Flickr. I embed part 08 here, because it is an episode of which I am fond. In order to get the most comic with the very least drawing required, I introduce a character who is invisible. PERFECT. […]

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Dragon: 02 to 06

I’ll embed #2 just because: The rest are all available over on flickr. I don’t think anyone wants me to put these all on the blog – do you? In these episodes you meet Zappy the Trigger-Happy and Gizzard the Naughty Wizard, which google assures me remain unused character names to this day. PWNAGE! You […]

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Chekhov’s Dissonance

Observation: Chekhov’s gun is to fiction as cognitive dissonance is to life. (The above probably needs to simmer for a while to reduce into something pithier, but I think the recipe is right.) (Emerged from an extremely lengthy ramble about a larp game I played on the weekend, which the foolhardy among you can find […]

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Writing again

Here’s the first evidence that 2012 is going to be less wall-to-wall overload than 2011: I’ve started writing again. Pulled out my old fantasy novel manuscript Fell, because several people have told me its the thing I’ve written they liked the most. My amigo Dale, who knows a thing or two about getting fantasy novels […]

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ICONS: The Mastermind Affair

Warning: this post is about tabletop roleplaying games. Sorry if it makes no sense to you. Just released: The Mastermind Affair, PDF-format adventure for the ICONS RPG. (Written by me.) It’s a hefty 45-page adventure suitable for most traditional-type Supers RPG settings – I guess it’s a bit more DC than Marvel in its shadings. […]

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Xmas Gift Idea: JAAM 28

The latest issue of JAAM has been out for a few weeks. JAAM is a literary journal containing poetry and prose and varying amounts of non-fiction essays, photos, illustration, interviews… This time it also contains something by me. So naturally, a blog post telling you to buy it. That’s how these things work. JAAM has […]

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ICONS for $1

(US, that is) ICONS, that RPG with some bits by me and far far more bits by the awesome designer Steve Kenson, is on sale for a buck, down from 30. Publisher’s having an anniversary-cum-thanksgiving sale. If you’re a gamer, trust me – this is worth a dollar. (Sale expires very soon.)

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Novel vs. Baby

Oh curse you babby! For you have win! Been obvious for a while now that the writerly push was not going to achieve an End-state before babby day, even if babby decides to be well late. So the contest is hereby over. I declare loss! Reasons for loss are twofold: * Got really, really busy […]

Fruits of Labours

Been working hard the last month or so, and in the last few days there’s some nice outcome of that. I’ve been working out and writing the launch exhibition for the new Waitomo Glowworm Caves Visitor Centre. Really interesting building, really nice location. My role in that work is now done, and it goes on […]

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State of Play

Man, I’m looking forward to when that baby gets born so I can finally catch up on some sleep! No, wait. Still in the depths of a sustained busy like there has not been since I cleverly arranged to finish my Masters thesis in the weeks leading up to my wedding. Achieved the rare trifecta […]

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