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[mediawatch] *Sigh* DomPost does it again

In today’s DomPost, an article by Paul Easton about John Key’s decision to go to Copenhagen, as blogged extensively here last week. Boxout section headed “Tackling The Environment”, in its entirety: Lucy Lawless, actress: “There is no planet B. Let’s go about the business of tackling climate change. Our Government needs to sign on to […]

Ignorance is Priceless

Yeah, I know, I’m about to rant about advertising again. Sorry. The new Mastercard Moments “Pebble” campaign bothers me more than any other ad in recent memory. I saw it first as a print spot (see it here), then discovered it had a TV incarnation as well. The print ad shows a lush landscape, with […]

Filament Issue 2

So, a while back I received issue 2 of Filament in the post. I’ve been dipping in and out of it since, and finally feel I can write usefully about it. Here’s the thing: it’s really pretty amazing. Filament, subtitled the thinking woman’s crumpet, is an adult magazine aimed at women, with a mix of […]

Spin Profiles

Oh, I do like this. Spin Profiles is an “encyclopedia of people, issues, and groups shaping the public agenda that is being written collaboratively”. It’s a wiki and anyone can add info to it – there are editors exercising some control. Info is divided into portals e.g. “Nuclear Spin“. Best bit, and presumably the point […]

Not a great time to be a chap

The news and current affairs are, as we all know, systems designed to shout the most abrasive and divisive things to generate interest. Lately I’ve been trying to steer clear of NZ news because of the omnipresent coverage of Clayton Weatherston. This man is now the most hated man in the country, and I imagine […]

News Roundup

Bernie Madoff thrown in the klink. Good. Dude may just be the sacrificial goat for the sins of an industry, but still feels mighty satisfying. The strange, sad story of Bastareaud, the French rugby player who claimed to have been violently attacked here in Wellington by a gang of angry locals, gets stranger and sadder […]

Assorted notes

Got Filament issue the first in the post. It’s really nice! Well-put together physical artifact = awesome. Content is smart and has a good rhythm. We liked it very much. Can get your copy here. It was Bloomsday yesterday! Here is a comic of Ulysses with neato notes and guides. Related: Ulysses as a Twitter […]

No Men On Cover plskthx

Suraya’s Filament magazine has been getting a fair bit of press of late – a five-minute feature on nightly current affairs TV show Close Up, an interview on NatRad and BBC Radio 1, and also The Daily Mail spat the dummy and missed the point which, Suraya reports, is quite good for the credibility. So […]

Filament – the thinking woman’s crumpet

[I’m advertising at you again – what can I say, except that friends are doing cool stuff.] My friend Suraya is launching a print magazine. This, in itself, is a sign of madness in today’s world, but thankfully hers is a beautiful madness, and a clever one too. Filament magazine is “72 quarterly pages of […]

Blog Weary, Boock

I don’t have the blog motivation at present. Not going to force it; soon enough something will happen that will ignite my outrage-burners and I’ll be typing away furiously before your knee can jerk. But until then, it looks like I’m rolling slow-bloggery styles. If ever a demonstration was needed of the kindergarten logic of […]