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Small Group Action: Getting going

I need your help. I’ve been working for a bunch of years now on an idea to help us turn our feeling that things aren’t right into real action that has an impact on the world. It’s a toolkit that I call Small Group Action. It’s been used in workplaces and in classrooms and by […]

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Anonymous Events

(This was going to be part of the Linky, but I realised I wanted to say a bit more, so….) Seems like Anonymous, the global hacker group that emerged from the wild free-for-all of the 4Chan websites and burst on the scene with global action against scientology, are doing some interesting stuff right now. Operation […]

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Are you ready yet?

Me, three weeks ago: I’ll expect that disaster survival kits were hauled out and checked across the country this past weekend. We certainly checked out ours, and yes there are a few bits and pieces we could add to it. But human nature being what it is, as the earthquake recedes from memory, our impetus […]


Getting Ready: Checking

But human nature being what it is, as the earthquake recedes from memory, our impetus to add those things will fade away. I’m going to use this blog and its small but attentive readership as a motivation tool, by declaring: in three weeks, our disaster survival kit will be fully stocked up. (6 Sept) A […]


This is Kaibosh

My friends George and Robyn have been hard at work the last few years on starting a charity. I think it’s pretty amazing. They are behind Kaibosh, and what they do is collect surplus food from retailers (so it doesn’t get chucked into landfill) and deliver it to charities working with people who could do […]

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Getting Ready

Perhaps you heard: there was a great big earthquake in Christchurch. A reminder that NZ is basically a big faultline with Lord of the Rings scenery on it. And, as Jack has noted, it’s a reminder that in NZ the disaster survival kit is an everyday common-sensical thing, rather than a sign of extreme right-wing […]


It’s not the thinking, it’s how we’re thinking.

(with apologies to ALAC) Things aren’t working as they should. Everywhere you look there are systems that don’t deliver what we as a society want them to deliver. Law enforcement, workforce management, politics, education, media, to name five that come to mind for some reason. Why is everything broken? Answer: it’s not. These systems work […]

Thesis Catalog’d

My thesis is now on the internets. University record and some other kinda record On the national research hub Direct link to pdf Google gets it, too. Chur!


Yesterday attended a talk at university by Dr Wojke Abrahamse of Surrey’s RESOLVE working group, about their research project to encourage lifestyle changes in the home in response to climate change. Their project used a mix of information provision, goal setting and tailored feedback over the internet, and achieved significant changes. This has a lot […]

Freeze for Climate Change

This Friday there’s going to be a Freeze in many centres around NZ. Random people will assemble at 1pm and freeze in place for 5 minutes. Volunteers will hand out little flyers about climate change to people. It’s for the UN’s World Environment Day, June 5. This year’s host is Mexico City, whereas last year […]