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Hobbit Premiere Day

My city is going bananas today. There’s a frenzy of excitement around the premiere of the first Hobbit movie, with the red carpet TV coverage due to begin in an hour or so. There’s also a frenzy of grump as long-simmering negativity finally boils up around such issues as the cultural worth of the movie, […]

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James Hansen talk – Wgtn tonight

Dr. James Hansen, one of the world’s most prominent and influential climate scientists, is in New Zealand to deliver his lecture “Climate Change: a scientific, moral and legal issue”. Tonight – in Wgtn. Mon 16th May: Wellington 5.45pm public lecture Rutherford House, welcomed by Mayor Celia Wade-Brown Worth seeing. No question. More info.

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The Examiner

W-town’s got some new independent media: The Examiner launched yesterday. The mission is to “look deeper and think harder” which, in an era of frankly embarrassing daily newspapers, sounds worthwhile to me. It’s “peer-edited” and they’re encouraging participation from anyone nearby. Sounds like a great Wgtn-focused companion to Scoop’s lively Werewolf monthly. Also, another good […]

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The Winding City: Episode 1

The first ep of Conan’s weird-Wellington web series, The Winding City, is now live. It’s a neat starter with several friends-of-this-blog appearing onscreen or doing stuff offscreen. Well done to Conan and to all involved. Do check it out!

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Hobbit Trouble

@publicaddress: TrendsMap over Wellington tonight So the word from those in the biz is that filming on The Hobbit has already been lost to NZ. The decision has been made to take it elsewhere – 3News said Ireland. This afternoon and evening the local film industry types, summonsed to a meeting by Richard Taylor himself, […]


Our Former Mayor is a dunce

[edited to add “former” to the title. She’s gone, baby, gone! And for the record I vote for the Hutt mayor, but still feel Wgtn mayor’s power…] Kerry really doesn’t like our single transferable vote system. “At this stage, Celia [Wade-Brown] can’t beat me, but STV can. I don’t think members of the public have […]

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This is Kaibosh

My friends George and Robyn have been hard at work the last few years on starting a charity. I think it’s pretty amazing. They are behind Kaibosh, and what they do is collect surplus food from retailers (so it doesn’t get chucked into landfill) and deliver it to charities working with people who could do […]

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Pecha Kucha Diamond Necklace

Monday night at Downstage Theatre in Welly: my dear friend Eric is part of the Pecha Kucha lineup, talking about the show wot I wrote, Affair of the Diamond Necklace. A Pecha Kucha night is an event format in which presenters show a slideshow of 20 images, each of which is shown for 20 seconds. […]

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ACTA: protecting your internet

ACTA isn’t well-known to those who aren’t web people, true internet natives. And it should be. From ACTA, a description: While in name it is about protecting consumers from counterfeit merchandise, the agreement is much wider in scope and addresses the regulation of Internet use by private citizens in an attempt to prevent unauthorised […]

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Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, 7 April

Pearce said to me: You gotta come to Talib & Jean, bro. It is our birthright. Plus just look how mean she looks on the poster. I got my ticket just now. It says there are 19 left. (Grab one here.) I’ve seen Talib Kweli before (opening for Beastie Boys) but never seen Jean Grae. […]