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Writing Update: September

Regarding tne twelve-short-stories target for the year, I’m finally hitting par with this set of written pieces:
– “The Tape”
– “Buckets”
– “Babel”
– “The Twelve Times I Drank Too Much”
– “Lift Story”
– “The Apotheosis of Melvin Rameka”
– “Inappropriate Boss”
– “The Intervention Upstairs”
– “The Confessions”
Not a single one of them is really ready for prime-time though, they all need at least an edit if not more. Only five of them have been out to other human beings for comment, four of them exist solely as pen-in-notebook scribbles, so got to get those typed up. Still work to do! I’m seeing some themes/types coming through in my stories, also; maybe I’ll try and break out of that for the last three pieces. Maybe not.
Notable scratchings ‘n’ failed drafts include:
– “Walking story”
– “The Big Drive”
– “Corrina’s Walk”
“The Beast” comic ticks along.
Having meetings about the follow-up to “Affair of the Diamond Necklace”.
Recorded my pieces for Dan’s podcast version of “Urban Driftwood”, the anthology of our work as young writers. This was a really challenging little gig, trying to get to the meat of stuff I wrote a long time ago and respect it for what it was. I ended up liking some of it more than I did before, and some of it less, and in the case of one piece I ended up really liking the first half and really disliking the second half. Anyway, when it goes live you’ll read about it here…
“Ron the Body” is still inert. Must get that submission train rolling again, so easy to slack off on it.
And working away also on “Lament”, a role-playing game I’ve had in my to-do list for years, Mr 2Trees did some wonderful art for it a few years back. Enjoying that process.
Ummm I think that’s it. [Last writing update]