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Directing as editing

So I’ve been directing the rehearsals for the Affair of the Diamond Necklace remount (December 12! One Show Only!) and have found it an interesting and challenging experience.
I don’t have much experience with directing of any sort. Back in high school for the odd short bit, but since then – nothing. Steep learning curve! What it reminds me of most, actually, is editing. Editing is the part of writing that you don’t hear much about – the bit where you kick your opus hard to find the weak points, then tear out all the stuff that comes loose. In a theatrical experience, though, the text isn’t really up for grabs in the same way, because everyone’s been committing their energy to learning it and big changes are unfeasible. We’ve messed around with some dialogue, but mostly it’s the way we use it that has changed.
I’ve been blessed with very skilled performers who can bring a lot of smarts to the script and can talk about what works, what doesn’t and what might be worth a try. The atmosphere is collegial and supportive and that makes it easier for me to push some angles hard, send some performances in a different direction, and so on.
The December remount is a straight-up better show than the August performance. We’ve tightened and sharpened and honed this beast and it plays like a dream. Love it.
I’m not a Real Director. Naw, I know some Real Directors, and they have chops embracing the whole field of endeavour. But, in my small way, I feel like I’m doing something good at the head of this team. I know for sure we’ve made something good into something great – and isn’t that the trick of it?

Have you seen the second YouTube video Steve Leon did for the show? It’s Eric Dorfman, main man for the show, telling you the three things you need to know to thrive in the Court of Versailles. More cool footage of costumes and action from August! Check it out:

And don’t forget the first beautiful trailer.
Right. Off to the French Embassy…

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  1. Scott A | November 26, 2009 at 11:32 am | Permalink

    You also won’t be a real director until you grow a beard. It’s in da rulz.