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Santa Linky

First: sign the Avaaz petition for a deal in Copenhagen. Several world leaders asked Avaaz to do this to lend weight to the negotiations; so far over 13 million people have signed. That’s a lot of people. They’re aiming for 15 million. Sign here.
Best photoblog of the year? Sketchy Santas:

Amazon’s gigantic warehouse. It’s big. No elves though.
The amazing Kate Beaton does some Xmas-themed comics
Santa Baby (Eartha Kitt)
World’s smallest snowman!
Still looking for gifts? How about Gnome Chomsky? Or a heartfelt album by Ken? Or how about you make a replica of a famous science-fiction vehicle like these superfans did?
And finally, readers, I have two gifts for you:
Chris Walken reads the lyrics to Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’
Carrie Fisher and her stunt double catch some rays on the Jabba’s barge set. And you know what that means.