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Halloween! Here is the AV Club on one of the most unnerving sequences I’ve ever seen on the big screen, the bit in the car from Scream 2. I remember singing the praises of this scene on the way home from the cinema, good to be reminded why I liked it so much!

And also for Halloween, you could do worse than dip into the deep weirdness of the Slender Man

And look what horror movies have done to us

Great one-star review of Orwell’s 1984 on Amazon: “Jackson’s “Thriller”? (the soundtrack of the summer, and the biggest selling album of all-time) – not mentioned; Frankie Goes To Hollywood (their breakthrough year leading to world pop domination) – not a whisper…”

BBC Domesday project – snapshots from all across the UK in 1985, there to explore and compare to a growing number of 2011 updates.

The Royal Society have opened their archive. At the link, BoingBoing points out a few amazing things you can find there. I’m afraid to start looking in case I don’t stop.

All four Twilight books in one short webcomic

At Dangerous Minds, a great writeup of Occupy Wall Street from the point of view of a cynical lefty New Yorker. Check this bit:

My favorite moment—or moments, I should say—of my three visits to Occupy Wall Street was watching the open-air Big Apple double-decker tour buses drive past, full of tourists with their fists in the air! That was an amazing thing to see. Witnessing that sight, repeatedly, I might add, was as sure a confirmation as anyone should require that a little over a month after its improbably beginnings, OWS is becoming a mainstream phenomenon.

Judd Apatow, Feminist, says Elle mag. An interesting view of the guy behind Bridesmaids & Knocked Up.

Fierce essay on the anti-Stratfordians, who think Shakespeare didn’t write his own plays. Not a takedown exactly – it takes as read that their position is nonsense – but a bracing assault on their way of thinking, drawing explicit comparison to creationists demanding schools “teach the controversy”. All sparked by that new film, of course.

And then there’s this guy doing Shakespeare in celebrity voices. Some uncommon ones in there along with the classics you all expect.

A blog of things people used as bookmarks as found by a second-hand books dealer. (Which reminds me of my own encounter with an interesting bookmark.)

Found this filed in the wrong section of my bookmarks, no idea how long it’s been there. Aaaaages. Still cool. It is CuteRoulette, randomly delivering cute videos for cute cuteness! Except it seems to be bringing up a lot of dead links now. I assume it was curated, and is no longer being curated. Anyway, worth a look if you like cute videos cute cute kyoot kawaii.

And finally… Slave Leia PSA

Unknown Title – Watch more free videos

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  1. Karen | October 28, 2011 at 8:48 pm | Permalink

    Love the Shakespeare dude… And sexy Chewbacca!

  2. Jet Simian | October 28, 2011 at 11:31 pm | Permalink

    I LOVE Something Awful, sometimes on a twice-weekly basis, but hadn’t followed Slender Man! Eh, the thing about SA is that like 4CHAN (I expect) it’s a survival of the fittest thing, and the best and brightest don’t always hang around to get old or something.

    Jimpressions’ Garrison Keilor made me smile. And THEN he does Morgan Freeman! Awesome.

    Man. Kayley Cuoco. You know, if I was in the same room as her I’d hang around for a bit, then go up to her and pause, then say in a stammering voice: “You’re Kayley Cuoco.” That’s right, ladies. Form an orderly queue.