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Difficult Linky

Learn how to interpret Regular Expressions the hard way.

The New Yorker’s famously picky cartoon editor has found the perfect cartoon.

Steve Leon showed me this clip of Herman Cain, US Republican would-be Presidential candidate, overdubbed with… words. That match the movements of his lips. It’s a thing. And it made me guffaw I tell you.

Gareth Michael-Skarka begins his “Insurgent Creative” advent series – want to get your creative stuff out into the world? Don’t know how to do every single thing yourself? The resources you need are out there. Share the knowledge.

The mysterious creator of book sculptures in Edinburgh has left her last anonymous gift. If you haven’t encountered this story yet, you oughta make with the clicky, it’s marvellous.

How not to market science to girls

Beer advertising campaign tries to mind-control women (a doctoral thesis could be written on unpacking this)

23 legendary album covers recreated in Lego

Adding animation to classic comic covers (this one has been all over the place because it’s quite neat)

Via sokpuppet – using dancers instead of Powerpoint:

Scooby-Doo & secular humanism – no really, you want to read this.

And finally… Barack Obama Son of Strelka Son of God word collage weird stories thingamy.

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    Cowboys and Anthrax!