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Woof Woof Ruff Linky

Dog Shaming is being linkied everywhere but I’m linking too because it is indeed perfect. Dogs have a broad range of dog-type emotions, but “shame” might be the one that is most similar to the human version.
Also canine: BARKOUR! (via Fraser P)

I’ve linked to The Dark Room before, but here it is again because it’s been turned into an Edinburgh Fringe show. Well worth a click around. No, I haven’t made it out of the Dark Room, not without being beaten to a pulp anyway. (ta to Craig Oxbrow for the heads up)

Teju Cole, previously mentioned here during that whole Kony debacle, has been continuing his awesome micro-length fiction on Twitter (so different to the other microfiction I’ve seen on Twitter which is almost always about cleverness). Here he explains why a Mos Def/Talib Kweli/Common track from the late 90s is perfect music. (Via Amund. Circuitous hat tip to Michael Upton who recommended listening to Black Star back before it was cool to recommend listening to Black Star.)

Also about hippity hop music: this fascinating piece analyses the rap technique of fabulous Jean Grae from a music composition perspective; & Nathan Rabin’s history of hiphop reaches ’91 with lots of early Tupac and a surprising-to-me revelation about MF Doom’s identity pre-MF Doom.

Music puns! (via MrsMeows)

Strong Female Protagonist: a neat webcomic. Gender, superhero deconstruction, social justice, other stuff. Beautiful art & confident storytelling.

Who influenced who? Crazy data visualisation (via Hugh Dingwall)

NZ is considering legislation to require plain packaging for cigarettes. British American Tobacco’s response is the most reprehensible social marketing campaign in quite some time. (Big spend, too, with lots of TV ads as well as newspaper/magazine presence.) “CREATE” shouts the advertising (see the poster on the NBR), or if you read the small words too, If We Create It, We Should Own It. Yep, they’re making it about intellectual property, which is (1) so unlikely to succeed they’re either grasping at straws or running some elaborate double game, and (2) even more sickening than the usual corporate attempts to co-opt the idea of creative ownership. And I know this isn’t even a link, I’ve basically put a rant in the middle of a linky this week, sorry about that.

Laurie Penny writes an epic, personal, (very triggering of course) piece on rape. Julian Assange on the one hand and the entire Republican party on the other have generated lots of noise on the subject lately, but this account cuts through the din.

Photorealistic portrait created with ballpoint pens.
Speaking of which: customer reviews for BIC’s “For Her” Ballpoint Pen.

Great 2010 Fortean Times article on Dennis Wheatley, writer of super-popular stories of Drawing Room Satanists. (via Danyl)

The rise and fall of grunge typography (via Allen Varney)

53 jokes you probably missed on ‘Arrested Development’ (yep, most of these I missed)

163 horror movies in 2 1/2 minutes

James Earl Jones reads The Raven (via Bruce Baugh)

Door does a Miles Davis impression (via Nick Tipping)

TARDIS blueprint (via Allen Varney)

Maude Apatow (yes relation) writes about falling out of love with Twitter

And finally, via Russell Brown, it turns out Western music has been doing music videos wrong this whole time. K-Pop with PSY shows the way:

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  1. morgue | August 24, 2012 at 12:15 pm | Permalink

    Awesome dissection of the cultural meaning & politics behind Gangnam Style (via Allen Varney)

  2. Jet Simian | August 24, 2012 at 9:13 pm | Permalink

    Finally! Something to fill the Falco-shaped hole in my life!

  3. jack | August 24, 2012 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    I know the whole zombie apocalypse thing is pretty overdone by now, but take four minutes of your life and watch Mad max dubstep zombie slaughter neon mayhem.

  4. morgue | August 25, 2012 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    Jack – that is AMAZE