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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

I lost 30 grams of weight without changing my diet one bit! Thanks for the clippers magic, Fishy! Good to hang with you guys.

The wind managed to rip the roof off our conservatory. Huh. Stupid weather! And just when I’ve acquired a taste for sitting out there in the morning sun (when we have morning sun as opposed to morning torrential rain and howling wind). I suppose this demonstrates nothing so much as proof that things fall apart/the centre cannot hold/especially in a southerly.

Saw Kora play Sunday night – wicked set. I liked but didn’t love their EP, but the live show carried out the beauty of good gigness. Their support, Budspells, was a surprise as they took their opening dub/reggae sound (appropriate for a band named Budspells) into rap and then into uptempo house/dub fusion stuff (rather unexpected for a band named Budspells) – the crowd was going wild for them. Hella good, and I came away converted. Only downside were the few foolish bodies who were a bit of a nuisance.
Were You A Fool? Try our quiz and find out!
(1) Did you spend most of the gig with your back to the stage and your fists in the air, surveying the crowd for hot chicks to hit on? (Yes – 5 points, No – 0 points)
(2) Did you walk backwards into me from the side so I turned around to get a face-full of hair? (Yes – 3 points, No – 0 points)
(3) If yes to (2) did your hair have the approximate dampness of a sponge that’d been sitting in a lukewarm pool of water for an hour? (Yes – 2 points, No – 0 points)
(4) If yes to (2) did you do the same thing again half an hour later on the other side of the room? (Yes – 8 points, No – 0 points)
(5) Did you carry a full wine glass or handle of beer into a wildly dancing tightly-packed crowd? (Yes – 2 points, No – 0 points)
(6) Did you leave the broken remnants of your smashed glass/handle on the dancefloor so vigorously dancing people were hopping up and down on shards of glass? (Yes – 7 points, No – 0 points)
0 points: maybe not a fool.
1 or more points: fool.

Bad taste in my mouth from being tempted to look at an unpleasant blog site. It’s a local version of one of those where White Neonazi types put up photos and address details of people involved in peace actions or who happen to be Jewish. I stopped after finding a friend prominently featured and a couple other acquaintances namechecked.
Still, it’s reassuring really. There are only two or three people involved in the whole enterprise, and they’re laughably inept and certain to be under heavy police surveillance. This isn’t a big city where that kind of thing can actually form into a proper subculture without check. As much as it disturbed me to see a friend depicted and abused on the site, if I actually start treating the site as anything more than a joke then it’s sold me on its own bullshit.
(Similar sites in other countries with larger population bases are a different kettle of fish, of course.)

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  1. cal | October 24, 2006 at 9:55 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, that inept blogsite is worthy only of pity and ridicule. A daily goddam would brighten things up. Peirce?

  2. 2trees | October 25, 2006 at 8:56 am | Permalink

    Well I have never seen this site and am disgusted that it exists. How are people so stupid?

  3. stephen | October 25, 2006 at 12:00 pm | Permalink

    The site in question should be ignored, lest the proprietor or other sad people be encouraged. Transactional Analysis 101: cold pricklies and warm fuzzies are both rewarding.
    And… you weigh your hair?

  4. morgue | October 25, 2006 at 12:11 pm | Permalink

    Indeed. And it pleases me to associate the concepts “cold pricklies” and “warm fuzzies” with the site; they frame everything in a very manageable way.
    Er, it was a lot of hair, and we marvelled at how large a pile it was, and there was a scales handy, and… okay, that is a bit weird.

  5. Anonymous | October 25, 2006 at 1:17 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, the one linked off no right turn? That was scary and deeply sad in equal measure.

  6. samm | October 25, 2006 at 6:24 pm | Permalink

    It’s like the second world war never happened…crazy.