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Fermat’s Last Linky

Yeah, busy busy, etc etc. [EDIT: so busy I wrote and published this on the wrong day. Genuinely confused that Friday didn’t follow Wednesday. Buh.]

That one time Homer solved Fermat’s Last Theorem – math geekery hidden in the Simpsons

BABY TEETH short story collection out now. Scary stories about scary children for scary charity. (Charity not actually scary.)

William Shakespeare’s Star Wars (thanks Billy & Jamie; delightfully, Ruth has scheduled reading this as a game session at Kapcon in January!)

Scroll down to Riker

Horror films reimagined as entries in the R.L.Stine horror-for-kids book series Goosebumps. Suspiria becomes “Attack of the Ballet Witches“.

The Thing on the Fourble Board – a lost classic of terror from the age of radio.

Necropants – surely this isn’t a real historical artifact?

My friend Ron has been conducting research into communal religious rituals. His reflections on some physically extreme ritual activity are interesting – warning, contains some unnerving photos.

The decline of wikipedia? For more insights into how the info-sausage is made, read Phil Sandifer’s examination of wikipedia’s awkward embrace of transphobia.

Amazing photography of miniature buildings and vehicles.

The DSM reviewed as a work of dystopian literature.

And finally, superheroes as manatees

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