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Conference call in real life:

Someone actually figured out a way to make money on Spotify: by singing Happy Birthday to everyone in the world, one by one. (via Mike U)

If you, like me, like to watch the Superbowl but only watch the Superbowl, here’s a 2-minute season recap that really doesn’t make much sense to those who aren’t following the game but has lots of jokes in it so.

Map showing global warming contributions, per capita. NZ is an angry red, right up there at the top of the villains list. Longtime readers will know how much I hate that.

Emotional Baggage Check (via theremina)

Your next job application could involve a video game

Do you like beer? Do you like music? If you are a member of this vanishingly rare intersection of people, you should check out Buzz and Hum, my friend’s new beer and music blog.

Eye-opening photos from Kiev, by a ground-level indie journalist trying to communicate what the hell is going on over there.

Map of pre-colonial Australia.

NZ according to google autocomplete (by Grant Buist)

Video of in-depth conference presentation on NSA spying revelations. I haven’t watched because I want to live in my bubble of ignorance a little longer. (via Ed)

10 great performances from the Apollo Theatre, including 13yo Lauryn Hill at the Amateur Night. (I went to Amateur Night when I was in NYC, one of the best things I did in that crazy town.)

Middle-earth, from space

Cat freaked out by videochat with owner

And finally, I’m gonna share the whole email I received from d3vo:
Hi Morgue,
Yesterday while idling some time away, exhausted, I was trawling through youtube videos of people trying Vegemite. While on tour in Australia Oprah tried Vegemite:

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  1. Jet Simian | January 31, 2014 at 4:53 pm | Permalink

    “Why is Lower Hutt in Wellington?” sounds like a very abrupt Google query.

    On the other hand, “Why is Greymouth bar so dangerous” sounds… about right.

    “Why is KFC in Wanganui closed” 🙁

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