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May Day Linky

Insight into the lovely True Detective title sequence

Disney princesses as drawn as Game of Thrones characters, and via Stephanie, genderswapped Disney characters (beautifully painted, those!)

Basically all my friends in coding shared this article in the last couple days: Programming Sucks. It’s hilarious and cutting and should be read by non-coding people wondering why the whole wired world is the way it is now.

A doco about the LGBT gaming scene (pay what you want) (via Scott Common) – trailer:

Ha ha, some HBO ads lovingly dramatise watching awkward moments on TV with your parents in the room. (via Andrew Salmond)

The definitive ranking of Babysitters Club cover outfits. (via Pearce, of course, who else)

I know there will be some readers who won’t be able to resist this: Duck Tales the theme song as a groovy slow jam

This clip tipped me over into going to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (It isn’t a clip from the movie.) Irresistible.

If you only ever watch one of Jimmy Fallon’s lip sync battles, make it this one, because emma stone Emma Stone EMMA STOOOOONE

Inequality is the big issue of the moment, and in that world, everybody’s talking Piketty. Here’s Max Rashbrooke with an NZ perspective on this gamechanger. (The Spectator has a bluffer’s guide, too.)

TNC writes about that racist NBA owner getting banned. His take is, as always, smart and sharp. It’s also a bit less celebratory than you’d expect.

And finally, a song that could justify the entire subgenre of “Christian rap music”:

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