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Vocabulary Linky

Who displays the biggest vocabulary in hiphop, and how does it compare to Shakespeare? (via Tom Crosby; some of this unsurprising – Kool Keith! – some of it quite surprising indeed…)

Huh, since I added that to the file it kinda went big, maybe bigger than it deserved – the analysis is pretty shallow! But anyway.

Also going viral in a big way, Buffy as Monkey-Island style point-and-click adventure

Live HD video of Earth, from space.

All you need to know about NZ’s boy in the NBA, currently in playoff mode, you can glean from these headlines:
The complete list of people ejected for hitting Steven Adams and Power rankings: Who will punch Steven Adams in the face?

Moulin Rouge did a kids matinee in the 50s… (via Calum)

Nice piece on what John Hughes’s Sixteen Candles did right. (While not forgetting all the stuff it did… less right.)

Visual guide to petting animals properly

What’s really going on when people get grumpy about children getting prizes for trying, not for winning

The five great works of software

Star Wars is actually bees. (via Jamie N)

Quoting Svend, who sent this link: Nothing says “different worldview” like “humorous” newsreel segments

Sounds like NYC has finally caught up to little old Wellington in the coffee stakes

Semi-finally, Creepy Full House

And finally, via Julian von Sligo, the Rite of Spring set to Travolta/Curtis aerobics. Provocative stuff.

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  1. Stephanie | May 9, 2014 at 8:40 pm | Permalink

    “What’s really going on when people get grumpy about children getting prizes for trying, not for winning”
    So I’m in a parenting group right now, and one of the big things we were talking about this week was that if your child tries something and makes a mistake, don’t tell them that they were wrong – model the correct behaviour instead. So, if they say “Look at the sheeps in the field” it’s good to reply “Yes, there are a lot of sheep there”. Apparently someone did research on what happens when little kids get corrected, and they shut down (less talking, less cheerful) for a good half hour per, and made fewer attempts at trying stuff out later on. And someone who taught primary school saying that kids who are willing to take risks and make mistakes progress a lot faster. So yeah, we were advised to do lots of stuff to encourage our kids’ sense of self, and, I guess, make a stable base that they can rely on when they go out into the world.

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