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Miss a Meal Linky

It’s May! That means it’s time to Miss a Meal for Kaibosh, the excellent charity that smartly sews up the systemic gaps to take leftover retail food to the hungry people who need it. Skip a takeaway night and send the $$ to Kaibosh, do eeet… (Those outside NZ might look for a local equivalent charity, there are others around on the same model)

I think I’ve linked before to the great, five-minute text game Sacrilege about a young woman in a nightclub looking at her options for taking a guy home. The creator has now written a post-mortem a year on from its release. Play it, then read about it.

RIP Hans Rudi Giger. Freaky dude. The excellent Alien filmmaking nerdery blog Strange Shapes has a brief but insightful obit.

Did you know the age of Miss America correlates with the number of people scalded to death by steam in that year? Just an example from a daily blog of surprising relationships between two things! (Making the point that correlation is not causation, of course.)

I’ve linked before to these images of Disney characters as university students, but it has been massively updated, heaps of new characters.

If the moon were only 1 pixel in size: a tediously accurate map of the solar system

Why does every novel set in Africa have the same cover?

“You can get all the equipment you need to properly sharpen a pencil for less than a thousand dollars” – pencil sharpening done right, a ten-minute movie (via Svend and various other sources)

Perfect: [ALTHOUGH the GRRM account is a fake, curses, thanks Johnnie for setting me straight]

Even more perfect: perhaps the greatest use of Twitter ever. (Check the dates.)

Some amazing photos of cool stuff at the Chicago Field Museum over the last hundred years. (via AndyMac) Just all sorts of interesting bits and pieces!

Screenwriter types: this article about how one writer stepped up his game when he went to work with Dan Harmon on Community is smart, packed with in-jokes, motivational, and (crucially) has a pre- and post-rewrite version of a celebrated Community script for the compare and contrast. Awesome.

In December, I linkied this great Rolling Stone piece by Matt Taibbi about the New Jersey city of Camden coping with Chris Christie’s decision to pull out the police force. (Christie has since had a very dramatic few months…) Anyway, here’s a great companion piece about Camden: Kathy Dobie writing in GQ about the little league that has been created, and is thriving, in America’s most dangerous city.

And while we’re talking Chris Christie and New Jersey, the New Yorker has an intriguing piece about Mark Zuckerberg committing a hundred million dollars to education reform in Newark… Spoiler: it doesn’t go well.

And finally: all 178 episodes with Tom Baker as Doctor Who, simultaneously

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  1. Johnnie | May 17, 2014 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    That GRRM twitter account is a fake, sadly. Still funny, though.


  2. morgue | May 17, 2014 at 9:47 am | Permalink

    Curses! Thanks Johnnie 🙂

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