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Yogathulhu Linky

Thanks Mundens for making sure I didn’t miss Cthulhy yoga. Delightfully, this short vid is narrated by right-on leftie journo (and personal fave) Laurie Penny.

Beastie Boys: Fight For Your Right To Party, without the music.

Chait vs everyone else (in this case, Gawker) re: online political correctness. I am not unsympathetic to Chait, though – but I see the tense battles over language as a sign of a massive growth step currently underway, as the entire English-language discourse tries to level up to a new level of self-responsibility. Sure there’s counterproductive stuff going on, but the overall direction of change is pretty clearly towards increased love for thy neighbour, and if Chait could step out of his paradigm for a minute he might see that.

Via Craig Oxbrow: every time travel movie ever, ranked. (They get the Bill & Ted films around the wrong way, though.)

Via John Fouhy – A discussion forum for “junior crew” on the official website for the late-90s Douglas Adams computer game Starship Titanic spawned an eager roleplaying community that continues today.

Dangerous Minds has the recording of a Nirvana concert where the band, furious at how their support act had been treated, trolled the crowd hard. I didn’t know about this but I’m keen to listen!

And finally, a three-frame gif that will put a song in your head for the rest of the day.

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