Jupiter Linky

Why women love Jupiter Ascending

We know willpower is a resource that can be depleted. Here’s a way to actually manage it like a resource.

Anti-VD posters from WWII are pretty amazing.

Watchmen, described for the visually impaired

Fifteen-minute adaptation of Lovecraft’s “Shadow Out Of Time”. Off-kilter mix of animation and live-action, which suits the fevered tone of the story pretty damn well actually. (via Mad Lizards on G+)

Fifty Shades of Hutt (Jabba, not Lower)

Via Ben: the secret history of knock knock jokes

d3vo showed me this crazy short video of Wired trying out a new service where you send a text asking for anything and they’ll get it for you. As d said in his email to me, this probably won’t scale very well…

Also via d3vo, someone who’s never watched Doctor Who ranks the Doctors

And finally, Dr Phil with no talking

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