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Good Old Linky Brown

Is Charlie Brown the worst baseball manager ever? Well, yes, obviously. But also: no, he’s not.

The Guardian moves to put climate change in a prominent place in its media coverage. The 24-hour news cycle is not hospitable to complex, large-scale issues that don’t regularly generate controversy. This kind of strategic action from media gatekeepers is necessary if we the public are ever going to truly appreciate how important this is. I hope other media channels – those less associated with handwringing lefties like myself – take the same step.

Robert Downey Jr., in character as Tony Stark, delivers a kid a bionic arm. This is just neat.

Back to the Future – in makeup to look 30 yrs older, vs. what they actually looked like 30 years later

Watching Aliens for the first time with a bunch of kids – this resonates with me, I saw that film age 10 and it (a) scared the crap out of me (b) inspired the crap out of me. I had no crap remaining by the end. (Jack Elder helped me find this again after I lost it, cheers)

Via Jenni – new digital games explore an alternative to shooting people with your sweet machine gun: showing them empathy, seeking consent, and caring for them.

Office Space, with the real Michael Bolton.

And finally, via Meredith Y, monetising the last untapped resource in Silicon Valley:

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