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Call-Out Linky

I have a new piece up at the Ruminator: Regarding “call-out culture”: the uncontained fury of the imagined teenage Tumblr feminist. It’s kind of long. Patricia Arquette gets a mention.

Via Pearce: guy makes working Speeder Bike toy

Via Pearce: official US govt website for the Judiciary Committee goes GIF-crazy

Wowsers. 7-minute Star Wars anime, made on weekends. Superb.

Epic piece by one of the original writers on Lost, revealing exactly how much they had planned out at the start. Very revealing, vivid description of being on a writing team for a hit show, loads of industry smarts on display. found it revelatory.

Via Andrew L: Cracked hits up the 7 most demented Choose Your Own Adventure books. Wonderfully weird.

Can’t say I’m convinced by James Corden as Late Late Show host, but this piece with Tom Hanks re-enacting scenes from lots and lots of his films is great fun, because Tom Hanks.

CNN does a parody of Too Many Cooks

Father & daughter team up to make astonishingly good Lego Jurassic Park short

Google Feud is a fantastic way to waste some time.

If you read that strip from the Nib last week where the cartoonist is asked to lighten the skin tone of an ethnic character? You should definitely read this piece looking at the comic in question.

Via Jessica H: solving poverty with four simple words. This is one hell of a piece, extremely worth your time.

Via kate Beaton: 1903 special issue on Bifurcated Girls

How obesity became a disease

UK paper the Daily Express endlessly recycles the same insulting themes for its cover stories. Here’s a great visualisation tool!

All-time top 50 works of interactive fiction (2015 poll results)

A door broke in a German university. You won’t believe what happened next! (But seriously though, this is good, I lol’d.)

Forgot to do this one last week: loads of behind the scenes model shots from Blade Runner

Post-punk icons reimagined as Marvel superheroes.

Huge recent-ish Alan Moore interview that I hadn’t seen.

Via David R, and definitely R-rated so don’t click, Alien: A Sitcom In Space. In space nobody can hear the studio audience.

And finally, via Meredith Y,

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