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Jaws Linky

Deconstructing the beach sequence from Jaws

Oral history of Max Headroom

Fascinating and deeply disturbing account of the Boston bombing trial – the questions that were asked, and the questions that weren’t, and what that reveals

VHS covers for recent movies. Superb.

Here’s a poem: The Ten Best Issues of Comic Books (via Pearce)

Also via Pearce: President Obama unleashes the bees as children scream in terror

Two Medieval Monks invent bestiaries – this has gone viral for good reason, it’s very hard to maintain a straight face through this.

Apparently you can bounce a battery to see if it still has a charge

Ten overlooked horror movie classics – I ran this by Pearce and some of these even he hadn’t heard about.

Star Trek fan film, featuring multiple cast members from real Star Trek, and, like whoa man. I don’t care about Trek but this is something special.

Via Daryl & Suraya, a map of rude placenames in the UK

The five psychological barriers to climate action

Via Nancy & Michael U, the New Yorker on the fascinating way “no” can mean “yes”.

Shakespeare Star Wars guy is turning Jar Jar into a political radical.

Jen W’s Contributoria piece on the parents of missing Mexican students at the UN

Fifty great genre-bending books everyone should read – I mostly clicked through to compare cover designs. The rules of cover design are different in each genre, so these books pose some challenges!

And finally, a simply perfect Carly Rae Jepsen/NIN mashup.

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