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Moose Rescue Linky

The Ruminator’s Lord Sutch wrote a followup to my piece on call-out culture, about actually calling people out for sexist/racist nonsense in the real world. Unlike my piece, it’s sharp and short and funny and enraging. Check it.

Typography relies on optical illusions

Ben S revealed to me that the Pac-Man Pong crossover is actually a real game

Incredible Lego Erebor (from the Hobbit)

This was linked everywhere but worth it anyway: David Chase dissects that final sequence from The Sopranos. (Which I still have never watched.)

Buzzfeed has a pretty damn good Whedon interview.

Piece on McSweeney’s: AMERICA JUST ISN’T READY TO WATCH A MEXICAN SHOOT ALIENS, pointed out by David R because the author is Jenette Goldstein’s son. Ouch.
(Also, I was delighted to discover in a recent podcast that Jenette has a retail business in LA: Jenette Bras. If I was a woman living in LA you can bet your smart guns I’d be getting my breasts measured by the most badass woman in movie history.)

So, a card game called Sentinels of the Multiverse has a superhero character who is not just Māori, but a full-on traditional warrior, complete with detailed history of his traditional Māori life experiences. Hurmmmmmmm. (Tipped off by this post on Go Make Me A Sandwich.)

And finally, via Lew S, some Siberians rescue a moose. This cheered me up when I was in a down mood. The music is great.

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