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Cybercrime Linky

Important piece of cultural history: when the FBI raided a game company because they thought their game about hacking was real

David Simon goes into more detail on his prescription for Baltimore, and his fury over what’s going wrong

Reconsidering the Wire in the wake of Baltimore events – what David Simon left out. I don’t find this argument convincing, to be honest, but there are some cogent points in there. Worth a read.

Enter the completely unique fantasy world of Clichéa! It’s so original!

Why does the US Army care so much about women’s lacrosse?

Keith Ng breaks down the journalism breakdown. This is where it’s at, and it ain’t good.

Those ads in your podcast – what’s going on there? Does it matter that they’re there? Interesting overview of the business of podcasting.

The lost short film that played before the Empire Strikes Back has been found

Amazing Lego Millennium Falcon interior

And finally, via Ben: hands being cut off in Marvel movies – a deliberate tribute to Star Wars? Maybe so!

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