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Soth Linky

My buddy Steve has just released his game Soth – a story game about cultists in a small town who are thiiiis close to summoning the dark god Soth. Check out the trailer:

Find out more here!

Moby Dick, each chapter read by an appropriate famous-type person (via Grant Stone)

These portrait-style photos of Mongrel Mob members are quite striking

How to check if your 20-sided die is off-balance

Great look at those “please report this error” requests you get when your computer fails, and how they have contributed to a turnaround in Microsoft – have you noticed that Microsoft are actually making kinda good software lately? Even Windows 8 is hated for its user experience, not its unreliability…

Slate rips the lid off the divine internet parody site Clickhole, and then confuses me by publishing an apparently serious literary takedown of the Poky Little Puppy.

And finally, I’ve caught up on The Comic Strip That Has A Finale Every Day. The last week of strips have been pretty amazing. So sad to see it end.

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  1. Ivan | June 12, 2015 at 8:04 pm | Permalink

    I grant you ‘Finale Every Day’ picked up towards the end, and okay, it started kind of wittily, but let’s face it we had to wade through an awful lot of formulaic crap to get between the two.

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