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Via Cal, this home interiors magazine delivers a surprising message in an extremely clever way. Much respect.

Via Pearce, what your sleeping positions *really* say about your relationship

Lena Dunham interviews Lorde

I still haven’t watched this black-and-white mashup of Prometheus and Alien but maybe some day I will.

Eight-minute “video press kit” from 1986 for Jim Cameron’s Aliens. Some lovely behind-the-scenes stuff I’ve never seen before, like Cameron rehearsing the marines for their entry into the colony. Plus, nerd trivia alert, the narrator twice calls the planet “Acheron”, a name never used in the actual film.

Via @mlle_elle, a great Vulture piece on the rise and rise of Amy Schumer, with a particularly potent final couple paragraphs. (Judging by the Trainwreck trailers, Lebron James may have failed to win an NBA title this year, but he definitely beats Michael Jordan in one statistical category: on-screen charisma. And I say this as a fan of Space Jam.)

Wil Wheaton’s Tabletop webseries has spun off a new series where some LA actory types play a D&D-type game on camera. It’s called Titansgrave, and it’s worth a look if you’re curious. (It feels exactly like every beer-&-pretzels game I’ve ever participated in.)

The original article about Sherlock Holmes that gave us the idea of “canon”, and how it might be just a parody of Catholic theological debate.

Will your automated car drive you off a cliff if it would save two other lives? Some interesting questions will need to be answered as these systems approach reality.

The Guardian hosts another voice in the ongoing pushme-pullyou debate over whether microfinance is a good thing or not. The writer here argues compellingly that it’s a bad idea. There’s some good stuff in the comments too – yes, sometimes there is good stuff in the comments, it is possible.

Velociraptor Disney Princesses

Adorable zookeepers are recreating Chris Pratt’s moves in Jurassic World

The AV Club pays due respect to the music of the wondrous Josie and the Pussycats movie.

And finally, via Urs: death metal cover of John Cage’s 4’33”. My favourite thing about this is that it’s only about 90 seconds long, because death metal covers are always at a faster tempo.

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    DEATH METAL. \m/

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