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Teacher-ESPN Linky

Amazing Key & Peele bit imagining a world where teaching was treated with the reverence we have for sports. (Plus bonus Ghostbusters easter egg.)

Two instances of 90s youth culture and its immediate co-optation by the mainstream media machinery:
First, Dangerous Minds has found the complete ’96 doco “HYPE” about the grunge scene – I watched this doco back on cinema release and I remember it being pretty good. The “guide to grunge slang” story DM talk about is priceless.
Second, there was a network-TV sitcom pilot based on Clerks? It is pretty close to unwatchable even when you’re watching to see just how bad it is.

via Hugh Dingwall – a great video breaking down what the heck was up with that Gamergate thing, what it was, what it meant, why it was, etc. Brings it all together in a very concise and often entertaining way, while resisting the temptation to mock. It’s part four, but on Hugh’s suggestion I started here, and it worked fine for me.

Remember that film Sky Captain & the World of Tomorrow? I do! Well not that I ever saw it, but I remember it being a thing. Say, what did those guys do next? Answer: nothing. It’s an interesting story.

Loads of people have been sharing this book excerpt on how the end of capitalism has begun. I am fascinated by all the facts discussed here, even though I remain completely unconvinced by the argument he’s trying to make with them.

Some vintage Star Wars I’ve never seen before: a warning against drink driving filmed in the Cantina set using all the familiar aliens.

A sharp, funny, scathing account of the state of the web: Web design, the first 100 years

This feature has been talked about everywhere, but not linked to so much, so I’m linking to it even though I can’t bear to read it: 35 of Bill Cosby’s accusers tell their stories.

What are the defining ingredients of the cuisine in each country?

Via Anoushka, a West Wing fan created an infographic love letter to standout episode “17 People”. (Disclaimer: I have never watched an episode of The West Wing.)

And finally, via Jenni: SECRET INGREDIEEEENT!

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  1. Stephanie | July 31, 2015 at 9:06 pm | Permalink

    Just after Eleanor was born, John got Really Interested in the original Japanese Iron Chef series. Chairman Kaga was even more flamboyant than this guy (and much more varied in his outfits.) Man, that was a sudden nostalgia kick.

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