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Cuz-in-law Jessica Grace Smith is kickstarting her short film, Everybody Else Is Taken. She’s fresh out of the Australian soap mines (Summer Bay variety), and raring to go on a very personal project. It’s looking pretty sweet. I particularly like her commitment to build a crew of women to help chip away at gender imbalances in film & TV industries. Take a look at the video, and think about kicking in a couple of bucks. Come payday, we will be!

The Jemaine Clement song from Rick & Morty, in its entirety

Simon C has written some Anne of Green Gables fan fiction. (“Fanne fic.”) I haven’t read it yet, but I am so looking forward to doing so. NB: “Graphic Depictions Of Violence”

Jenni sent me this: “Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics got stuck in a hole with his dog. Twitter users suggested various ways to manipulate his inventory and eventually he got out

Topical references in Looney Tunes, explained!

Guess Wu: a Wu-Tang version of Guess Who

A look at the Star Wars toys Kenner pitched just before they abandoned the line in the 80s. Some of this is wildly overambitious, some of it is ridiculously half-assed. (The returning villain is a particularly dumb surprise.)

Interesting article on Christian Slater cult classic “Pump Up The Volume”, talking to the many kids who went into radio right afterwards.

That time Fonzie jumped the shark: actually not so bad?

Via Matt C: Alien Kiwi

This Vox piece on Google’s charity/altruist group is fascinating. Their decision about priorities feels like a 1st year philosophy tutorial discussion topic, rather than something real humans would do in the real world, but real humans are endlessly capable of being ridiculous. (via Pearce)

And finally… this fan-made video for the D&D segment of “Harmontown” podcast makes a scary amount of sense. Even non-Harmenians might understand. Might.

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