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Oral History Linky

Are we at peak oral history? This week: legendary weirdo flop Theodore Rex and the Space Jam website.

An NYT article has been circulating about how today’s creative class are no worse off even though no-one pays for anything any more. I wasn’t convinced by it; Salon has a counterpoint that seems more compelling to me.

Short history of breaking the fourth wall:

This was probably inevitable: Kermit’s TED talk

The AV Club has a link to an analysis of a Star Trek leadership test; they also embed the key movie scene it arises from.

Upheaval continues in my home discipline and in science more generally thanks to a reappraisal of statistical methods and a deeper question about how we establish knowledge at all. Psyc lecturer and stats guru Ron Fischer pointed me at this Nature article: problematic p-values are just the tip of the iceberg; and Retraction Watch has an interview with a methodology prof: Yes, may psychology findings may be too good to be true, now what?

The 1982 DC Comics style guide – lots and lots and lots of lovely clean illustrations by Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez.

And finally, a parental response form for an unusual school fundraiser.

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  1. Jamas | August 28, 2015 at 9:59 pm | Permalink

    One of my favourite fourth wall breaks is in the series Hustle in which the lead character would occassionally nod to the audience, including them in the con going on and reassuring us that everything is going according to plan.

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