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Apophenia Linky

The puzzle book that drove England to madness (doubles as a primer on where conspiracy theories come from)

Via Marieke, a good explainer on Syria and the migrant crisis:

Last Week Tonight on the migrant crisis has a particularly lovely finish (but you can’t skip to it, you gotta watch through or it doesn’t make sense).

Downton Abbey characters battle each other with lightsabers. (Star Wars is everywhere, Star Wars goes with everything.)

Ten minute creepy horror film by a friend of Pearce:

Chess master analyzes chess games from films.

More 70s ads from Dangerous Minds, this time, sexist stereo ads. “Here is a picture of a naked lady, buy our stereo” is just the beginning.

Also via DM, another Twin Peaks video game: Fire, Dance With Me

Via Allen Varney, two articles about how the world is all broke:
From the Boston Globe, a look at how much of the government of the USA is unaccountable to the President or to anyone really. And at the Awl, the gathering mess of “fascist teenage dungeon master[s]” that is Neoreaction, and why they are really bad news.

And finally, try to read this to the end – Pearce and I didn’t make it.

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  1. James McM | October 2, 2015 at 5:08 pm | Permalink

    I didn’t make it either. ugh.

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