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Dia de los Meurtos Linky

Dear white people, stop colonizing the Day of the Dead (via Evie)

Relevant to my interests right now: the rise of Buffy studies

Another cool interview with Kate Beaton, whose comics are just so great you guys.

The linguistic principles behind those cutesy couple names like “Bennifer”

Fonts In Use goes deep into the Cheers logo, but I opened this link because Jason M said it had a wonderful Halloween costume in it, and you know, it really does.

Via Stephanie P: “somehow we have constructed a language that adheres uncannily to an abstract mathematical idea” – fascinating look at some odd stuff about English words, and a look at whether the pattern is the same for punctuation.

Via Theron: web-based ambient sound mixer.

Via John F: Hell’s Club, where fictional characters meet

NYT opinion piece that recycling is overrated and often counterproductive. This piece irritates the hell out of me, because it makes some very solid points but wraps them up in some really, really unhelpful BS. (I guess straw men are pretty recyclable at least.) Well worth a read, but make sure your critical thinking cap is in the ready position.

The Daily Beast digs up some solid info on the shady group that set up the “Pope loves Kim Davis” silliness the other week.

And finally, many many Love Boat guest stars that I would’ve loved to see.

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  1. Pearce | October 12, 2015 at 5:57 pm | Permalink

    i don’t get why the Love Boat thing has a picture of Annie Lennox with Sid Haig’s name. Super weird.

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