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Inadvertantly sexual company logos – what, no London 2012?

Step-by-step walkthrough of how to solve the hardest logic puzzle ever devised.

This one is an essential read. Watching as political leaders make policies that will cause significant social harm (“austerity” as the current example in many regions), you wonder how they can sit there so pleased with themselves. Monbiot has some leaked correspondence to and from David Cameron that shows exactly how. It would be hilarious if it wasn’t so deeply, infuriatingly awful. For additional fury, consider how the politically subservient media portrays people like Corbyn and Sanders as “unrealistic”.

Great article/interview about Harvey Danger’s surprisingly long-lived 90s track “Flagpole Sitta”

Comic about a dog. Make sure you have tissues handy.

10,000 wax cylinder recordings, digitised and free to download.

Star Wars fan makes full-sized model of the holochess game from the original film.

Incredible huge crowd photo that you can just zoom and zoom and zoom into. (via my mum!)

An oral history of the geeky half of Freaks & Geeks. Many anecdotes I hadn’t heard before – I love the thought of Martin Starr and James Franco working out together then staying up until 2am writing a brutal revenge screenplay.

Victorian nipple rings (via d3vo)

Blair gives an epic review of classic Judge Dredd story “The Apocalypse War”. (I picked up the Eagle Comics reprints of this amazing story in the 80s and it blew my little head off.)

The Scooby Doo gang in the changing fashions of the decades. (via Jenni)

Ladybird’s Book of the Hipster

There’s a great image-heavy website for street photographer Vivian Maier, whose photos (beginning in the 1950s) were only discovered in 2007. (via Andy McLeod, who saw the doco about Maier)

10 kids TV episodes that have been removed from distribution. Fascinating 6-minute video. WARNING: number 10 in this list is that Pokemon ep with the flashes that caused epileptic fits – the video shows the flashes! So if you’re visually sensitive like me, turn it off when you get to that last item!

King Tut’s excavation photos – in colour! (Colourised, but in a very clever way.)

Lovely interview with the real life inspiration for Charlie Brown’s Little Red-Haired Girl

And finally, via Steve Piner, a German safety video for forklift drivers.

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