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Thursday Linky

Friday being a public holiday here in NZ, your linky cometh early. Durty furriners might consider it a mid-week special, but they are durty furriners and there is no accounting.
Another from talula – people re-enact their childhood photos with usually-hilarious results. [EDIT: linky seems deaded! perhaps it will live again tomorrow?]
Take a moment to tap your name into this week’s web petition thing, the Ape Manifesto, which calls upon governments to save the wild primates. They have almost 10% of their targeted 1 million signatures as I type.
Superlate pointed me at the delightful Growcube game which is both very simple and very complex.
Political development of the week is the Flat Earth society reaching out in solidarity to climate change sceptics. Its a brilliant wind-up, and they stumbled on a mini-scoop – almost-Prime-Minister Don Brash in the audience to hear from the latest rent-an-expert why you should keep driving your SUV.
Also is:
and an incredible application that quickly cleans your screen
*jumps out Monkey-style* Linky!