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Small Group Action: Getting going

I need your help. I’ve been working for a bunch of years now on an idea to help us turn our feeling that things aren’t right into real action that has an impact on the world. It’s a toolkit that I call Small Group Action. It’s been used in workplaces and in classrooms and by […]

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Make a Difference

No linky today, too much else on right now. Instead of that I’d just like to link to a short interview I did which is up at the Ruminator. The interview is with my friend Karen, who is Good People. She came up with a way to do something worthwhile and a steadily increasing bunch […]

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Guest Post: Love Matters

It’s second vote day for the Marriage Equality Bill, & an old friend of mine has a few thoughts about that. The video Craig and his husband Marcel made, at the bottom of the post, is worth watching and sharing. Tell your elected representatives that love matters! In the past I could not relate the […]

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Here is my Kony post

I didn’t do a Friday linky because I was mad busy & decided that making sense of Kony was a better use of the time I had. Now I share! Because the internet is crying out for one more opinion about Kony! HAPPY TO HALP! So, you will have not missed that last week the […]

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Election ’11: Something you can do

In our MMP electoral system, every vote matters. Social psychology tells us that the biggest influence on our behaviour is the behaviour of people we know. Our day-to-day social groups usually share our opinions on political matters, but Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, other social media tools) connects many of us to people beyond […]

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D&D for MMP

On Saturday I helped out for a few hours at the D&D for MMP fundraiser, in which some very game folks embarked on a 24-hour D&D marathon to fundraise for the Campaign for MMP. MMP, for those outside of NZ, is our current proportional electoral system, which is coming under the eye of a national […]

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Anonymous Events

(This was going to be part of the Linky, but I realised I wanted to say a bit more, so….) Seems like Anonymous, the global hacker group that emerged from the wild free-for-all of the 4Chan websites and burst on the scene with global action against scientology, are doing some interesting stuff right now. Operation […]

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Occupy Wall Street

(Sitting here in New Zealand, I am obviously well-placed to Give Advice to the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Here on my blog I address an audience of as many as TEN different people, and I’m sure the weight of these multitudes will carry this message to the people who need it most. You’re welcome, freedom.) […]

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I am angry. Last night under urgency Parliament got a new law about internet and copyright almost all the way through. Three things about this make me angry: (1) The law specifies that if you are accused of downloading illegally, you are presumed guilty (more info) (2) The law gives government the power to punish […]

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Guest Post: Ending World Poverty! & Kiva

Guest post! I’m delighted to share this post by Sean from the excellent, and at present quiet, screenwriting blog Writing About Writing. (He also exists in the real world where he is a splendid fellow.) It’s about microlending service Kiva, which I’ve mentioned before. Sean – thanks for this, a privilege to have this insight! […]

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