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Aliens: How Burke takes his coffee

Jim Cameron’s Aliens (1986) is a meticulously-assembled thrill ride, absolutely loaded with enriching details. My favourite of all of them is in the coffee scene. It’s early in the film, and Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has returned to normal life after her horrific experiences in Alien. In this scene, the smiling corporate functionary Carter Burke […]

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Prometheus (USA, 2012)

Mostly awful. More? Okay. Here’s what I put on Facebook and Twitter: Prometheus: I really liked it! Except for whenever any character said or did anything. Or when the film explained anything at all, Or when it linked to or referenced any other movie. Apart from that it was great! (The visual experience was wonderful, […]

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Alien Prometheus

All right. I am about to indulge in some full-throttle nerdery. I’ve been watching over the last 3 days the trailer-trailers for Prometheus, the new science fiction film from Ridley Scott. It is set in the same world as his hugely influential film Alien. The trailer-trailer displays a continuity of physical design, with people in […]

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