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Get Prepared 22 Feb

With the second anniversary of the big Christchurch quake about to arrive, I decided to do something a bit more organised than last year’s “check your prep kits everyone” messages. I’ve started a Facebook page (that feeds on to Twitter): Get Prepared 22 February. It makes Feb 22, the earthquake anniversary day, the day we […]

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Christchurch is long-term

My friend KiwiInZurich, a regular commenter here, tonight sent me some text messages from Christchurch: I have access to the cordoned area of chch and it is as bad as the media reports show if not worse. The dmg is very extensive and central chch will be closed for a long time. Another indicator of […]

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How to raise $60,000 for ChCh

After the quake in Christchurch, I started thinking about what I could do to help. I think most New Zealanders thought along the same lines. One of the first things I thought of was the OneBookShelf fundraiser bundles that had worked so well for Haiti and Pakistan. It works like this. The tabletop role-playing game […]

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RPG bundle for Christchurch

Nearly $350 of RPG stuff for $20 All proceeds to earthquake relief in Christchurch. Helping get this up and running has been a significant preoccupation in the last couple days. I’ve written before about similar efforts to help Pakistan & Haiti. The Christchurch quake isn’t on the massive scale of those disasters, but it has […]

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