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Storify: Politics isn’t politics

[View the story “Politics isn’t politics.” on Storify]

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Guest Post: Love Matters

It’s second vote day for the Marriage Equality Bill, & an old friend of mine has a few thoughts about that. The video Craig and his husband Marcel made, at the bottom of the post, is worth watching and sharing. Tell your elected representatives that love matters! In the past I could not relate the […]

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Good for the Greens

Three years ago, I was disillusioned about the low % of votes cast for the Green party, despite what I thought was a perfect set of conditions for them to thrive. “Is 7% as high as it’s ever going to get? Will the Green party always be this small?” Turns out the people in the […]

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Election ’11: Something you can do

In our MMP electoral system, every vote matters. Social psychology tells us that the biggest influence on our behaviour is the behaviour of people we know. Our day-to-day social groups usually share our opinions on political matters, but Facebook (and, to a lesser extent, other social media tools) connects many of us to people beyond […]

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Quick Shots

I miss being able to blog about things in the world. Writing here helps me process and understand things. My comprehension of reality has reduced while I’ve been busy. Anyway, to spare you lengthy tortured posts, here’s some quick thoughts. Shipwreck: A ship on a reef leaking oil, and the election just changed again. Our […]

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Power and Periods

Those who are at the top of unequal power structures always develop a mythology to rationalise the inequality. Kings were Kings because of Divine Right, etc etc. In the modern world of business-oriented hypercapitalism, the mythology is that of productivity. You will be rewarded in accordance with your productivity – what you contribute determines your […]

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I am angry. Last night under urgency Parliament got a new law about internet and copyright almost all the way through. Three things about this make me angry: (1) The law specifies that if you are accused of downloading illegally, you are presumed guilty (more info) (2) The law gives government the power to punish […]

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Māori are confused

Duncan Garner on TV3’s morning news show Firstline just now: “Māori are confused. You’ve got Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples saying this is good legislation… and on the other hand you’ve got the last of the activist Māori saying we don’t want this.” (Starts at 4’41 into the clip, although he says “Māori are confused” […]

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On reptiles and taking action

Stephen Judd has commented a few times here in reference to his decision to get involved in an NZ political party. His experiences have been interesting and extremely encouraging. This may not be as much the case internationally, but in NZ at least access to political decisionmaking is there for the taking. Now he has […]

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Welfare Working Group Logic

The WWG report was released today and it was much as expected (full report here in PDF). NZers will hear heaps about it in coming weeks, particularly the already-infamous “solo parents: when your baby is 14 weeks old you must start looking for work” recommendation. I want to look a bit closer at this, because […]

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