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Edwin: My Life As A Koont (2013, New Zealand)

Tuesday night we had a rare outing to the cinema, to see the local premiere of Edwin: My Life As A Koont, a new comedy feature by local low-budget impresario Jason Stutter (Tongan Ninja, Diagnosis: Death, Predicament). It’s a mockumentary about the eponymous Edwin, who has a medical condition that makes him an asshole. He’s […]

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Prometheus (USA, 2012)

Mostly awful. More? Okay. Here’s what I put on Facebook and Twitter: Prometheus: I really liked it! Except for whenever any character said or did anything. Or when the film explained anything at all, Or when it linked to or referenced any other movie. Apart from that it was great! (The visual experience was wonderful, […]

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Easy A (USA, 2010)

When you are waiting for a baby, sometimes you go to the cinema and watch low-stress high-school flicks. I like high-school flicks. This is one of them. Premise is that Emma Stone’s character pretends for various reasons to have sex with a variety of young men, and is vilified as a slut. The A of […]

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Harry Potter 7a (UK/USA, 2010)

The above scene does not appear in this film, because it is being held over for Harry Potter 7b. This one is Harry Potter 7a: I’m In A Tent. Saw this at weekend. First reaction: bloody pleased they didn’t release it in 3D. The last thing this film needs is 3D. (Of course, they will […]

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Apollo 13: Mission Control

Went to interactive theatre piece Apollo 13: Mission Control last week. It’s on a third season in Wellington and has toured around the country and to Oz; tours further abroad are being planned. It’s been hugely successful, and deservedly so. The basic setup: the show takes place in Mission Control for the Apollo 13 mission. […]

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The Room (USA, 2003)

I first heard about The Room in this AV Club article from March last year. It’s an indie 2003 melodrama that has become a midnight-movie audience-participation sensation, because it’s so bad and so weird. This weekend I finally saw it for myself, going with NotKate and R the Judge. The Room was written, directed, and […]

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Made In Dagenham (UK, 2010)

Women didn’t always have equal pay. Back in the mists of time the same work was rewarded differently depending on gender. This movie is an historical about the end of that ancient era where gender was a legitimate basis for pay disparity. Ancient era = 1968. The precipitating event was the Ford sewing machinists’ strike […]

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Halloween Fillums

Traditional scary movies at knifeman’s place last night. THE DEVIL RIDES OUT (UK [Hammer], 1967) Based on the 1934 Dennis Wheatley novel. Conservative upper class sceptical Christians, led by a Christian occultist Christopher Lee, do battle with Satan and his free loving hippie minions. I missed the first bit, only arriving when the heroes were […]

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Home By Christmas (2010, NZ)

Gaylene Preston’s performed documentary Home By Christmas is a most unusual film. Heavily domestic, thoroughly engaging, and yet almost epic at the same time. The film is about Preston’s father Ed’s experiences during World War II, and how his promise to be home by Christmas didn’t exactly come true. In his final years, Ed opened […]

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Gremlins 2 (USA, 1990)

In this movie, virtually nothing coherent happens, and thousands of tiny green violent anarchists go wild in a high-tech tower. Still astonishing. Haven’t seen it for well over a decade, and I got more of the movie references – the referential density of this film might outweigh even Spaced. I laughed and laughed, and then […]

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