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Ruminator: Rape & NZ culture

I expanded the first chunk of that last post into a longer piece for the Ruminator: Rape is easy here. It’s another example of how I’m using the existence of the Ruminator as a prompt and motivator for a different style of writing, with a different set of goals. (e.g. I write here often for […]

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Ruminator: Pink vs Blue

Yesterday turned out to be an interesting day. There was winning at basketball, which happens rarely enough these days that it’s a happy moment indeed. There was completing the serialisation of “in move”, my teenage-boys-in-the-Hutt novel, about which more soon (I need to get the ebook version prepared for release). There was getting a heat […]

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Part 1, & Rumination

I Ruminated again: the 10 best things to tell computer support scammers. And the first part of in move has gone live. I read it, too, for the first time in years – I’m going to read along as the sections go up and see how it plays. Verdict on the opening: not nearly as […]

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Ruminator Linky

The Ruminator is a new groupblog that launched about a week ago and is just figuring out its voice as its many writers make their first posts. I’m a contributor, and my first post is up. It’s about how, when music shops and bookshops close down, there’s some additional consequences: One by one, these stores […]

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