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ICONS for oil spill relief

More news related to ICONS, the new RPG for which I have a minor co-author credit: all sales from the forthcoming EPUB and MOBI-format editions are going to relief efforts around the Gulf oil spill. So if you like those formats, consider making that purchase (when it becomes available). Adamant Entertainment and Steve Kenson will […]

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ICONS pdf available

The electronic version of ICONS is now available! Currently half-price! US$15, down from US$30. The print version is shipping mid-month if you want to order it through your friendly neighbourhood game store or direct from the publishers. Very pleased to see it hit! The character generation process is almost a game in itself. In our […]

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People who pre-ordered ICONS: Superpowered Roleplaying received their electronic copy yesterday. (Hard copy coming soon.) That’s my name on the cover, because some sections of the book are by me, but they’re pretty small-fry. The major action is by ace supers RPG designer Steve Kenson, who pulled the system together and did a bang-up job […]

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