Linkysweet Symphony

Go hang, United Kingdom! GO HANG!

Top-tier supers comics snarkmeister Chris Sims discusses what happens when you bring back classic heroes from the dead: you end up with a whole lot of white faces on your covers.

Perry White’s dentures vs. the fourth dimension, just one of the delights at Comic Cartography

Infographic: the relative trustworthiness of different beard styles

Diagram to help you choose a typeface (yes, even comic sans has its place)

An essay I was really glad to read. From Worldchanging, Putting the future back in the room

Pure awesome: What the **** should I make for dinner? [warning for workplace readers – contains prominent 4-letter word]

Werner Herzog reads Where’s Waldo:

Middle Earth as tube map: One does not simply catch the 11.15 to Mordor. (The London tube map by Harry Beck is such a masterpiece of design, I love seeing riffs on it. Check out the map corrected for geography, and these neat derivatives.)

And finally… (via Paul Cornell) a fan-site dedicated to this one lady who had a small role in Doctor Who one time. Feel the devotion. Best page: the controversy, where the writer imagines there’s a controversy.

9 thoughts on “Linkysweet Symphony”

  1. That tube map is wonky. You can’t get to Moria from Rivendell without goin through Tharbad or Lorien! 😀

  2. That “Adelaide from Horror of Fang Rock” page almost makes me want to go out and start an “I demand that the next series of Doctor Who end with the Zarbi fighting the Nimon” Facebook site.


  3. “In conclusion, in my personal script for this story I have provided a different ending, in which another Timelord (played by me,) hears the story in retrospect, takes his Tardis to the lighthouse at the precise moment the Doctor and Leela leave, enters the building and quickens Adelaide with a magic revivifying kiss, a la “Sleeping Beauty.” He then takes her to his Tardis, where she becomes his companion for more pleasant and affectionate adventures. A far nicer fate, I think any neutral would agree, for our lovely, misunderstood and unfairly maligned heroine. That’s how I like it, anyway! ”


  4. Luke: 🙂

    Andrew: the Macra came back. BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

    Gator: hah! Oh, that Waldo! Sometime I’m going to explain my idea for a Where’s Wally/Waldo movie.

    michael: that was the exact bit that tipped me over, too. Though I don’t quite know what I was tipped into.

  5. karen: verdana is verboten, as it’s a microsoft corporate-owned typeface designed for screen reading. (I think it’s quite nice, myself.)

  6. Was the ep of the new Dr. Who with the Macra anyone else’s least-favourite? I thought it was the worst kind of SF-as-allegory; stories like that need to make sense both on their own terms and as metaphor, and that ep made sense as neither.

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