Infrequent linky

So regular linky readers will have noticed my frequency of posting has decreased. I’ve decided not to fight this tendency, so for the time being linky will be coming only on an occasional basis. Several reasons:

Declining readership: I threw in some basic stat counters when I did my Buffy series, and readership here is showing a slow but steady decline. I don’t particularly care – but this is, I think, part of a general disengagement with blogs all over the internet as social media and the app ecology get more settled in place. It isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but it doesn’t help…

Link roundups are like old-fashioned dad don’t you know anything: As Twitter and Facebook become ever more essential to online life, it is increasingly clear that a weekly link roundup is old-fashioned. Often I’ve put a link in the post draft on Monday, seen it blow up on Wednesday, and by Friday it’s old news. Links get shared fast and individually! And while I do believe there is a role for curation (I love the Nextdraft newsletter which is delivers smart linky three times a week), I don’t think I do it well enough to stand against the trend. But you know what? I don’t particularly care about this one either.

My ipad: the real driver of change, then? It’s my ipad. Because over the last year I have increasingly moved my casual internet use on to my trusty old ipad 2. This beast is now quite old in computing terms, but it’s chugging along as well as ever. (I am impressed, Apple!) It is now more pleasant than the laptop for Facebook and Twitter and Plus and Gmail, which is most of my internet activity right now. I can even do some solid productivity on it in google docs or dedicated apps like celtx and Final Draft. (And Scrivener for iOS is coming!) But one thing it does not do well is task switching. And task switching is the fundamental requirement for assembling a linky post. When I see a link I want to grab the URL and paste it into a draft linky post, or in some intermediary spot if possible. But the ipad just strugggggles with this. I hope & trust newer ipads do it better, but I’m not looking to upgrade until I’m forced to.

So. That’s the score.

Anyway, here’s the partial draft that’s been sitting here for a month now:

“The first “job” today’s kids have to answer is, what the hell am I going to do that anyone is willing to pay me for? And each kid, increasingly, is expected to answer this alone as an individual. When poor or less-educated people do this, its called “hustling” but when it trickles upwards to the children of the 1%, its our national economic plan.” Entrepreneurship means I give up (via Allen Varney)

Fully appreciating culture without appropriation: a guide in 15 steps (I saw this all over the place)

The Grim Test, a method for evaluating published research for shady manipulations (via Michael R)

The first two phone book volumes of Cerebus are available in PDF for free download! (I’ve tried three times but the download has failed each time. Maybe you’ll have more luck?)

And, just yesterday, via Pearce and already turning up everywhere else because that’s how these things work: Disney Princesses as cats as sharks

Dangerous Linky

Dangerous Treasures: A story of Lovecraftian horror, frantic action, and deepweb forum culture, by the lovely folks at Strange Company. (9 minute short film.)

My friend Kitty is featured in Woman builds herself new career… with Lego

via d3vo, the many forgotten benefits of segmented sleep

Via Alastair, four games that tell great stories, and how they do it

And the Humble Bundle right now has Telltale Games’ back catalogue, including the astonishing Walking Dead Season One as just part of their $1 set!!

And finally, Billy calls this a “really remarkable Wikipedia entry” and I have to agree. Every paragraph in the early going has a wild new idea in it. Then it gets even more densely packed with ingenuity. Read it! Jonathon Keats

Team Ball Player Thing Linky

New Zealand is a very strange country. This will be all over NZ by the time this blog goes live, so I’m including it for international friends – it’s a charity song linking to the Rugby World Cup, featuring All Blacks on unicorns and dressed as wizards and running away from giant ants, and there’s Flight of the Conchords and Lorde and Kimbra and Peter Jackson and all the other usual suspects plus loads of cool NZ creative sorts without big international profiles and just watch it and love it. And then donate!

I love this story about a cute teenage couple in an online relationship in the 90s. So much of this resonates – online was different in the 90s, kids. *makes modem sound*

Are you a famous comedian worried about political correctness? This essay says it’s time to take a lesson from the Beastie Boys.

Deeply weird & fascinating photo essay of the City of London financial district (via George Monbiot)

A Grauniad film reviewer’s two-star review made it on to the film’s poster in a very sly way. Here’s what he has to say about it… (via David Ritchie)

Grab the audio from a legendary 1992 Sonic Youth concert

Why do we suddenly care about Syrian refugees? That photo of course, but what else is going on? An enlightening assessment.

Before you sit a test in a stereotypically male domain, imagine you’re a stereotypical male. (This MIT student blogger is marvellous – thanks Jamie for sending it my way.)

Download the audiobooks of your favourite movie novelizations.

Nabokov gave clear instructions on what should be on the cover of Lolita. YOU’LL NEVAR GUESS WHAT HAPPENED NEXT.

Cool fan art: Disney Princesses, Star Wars style

The new Star Wars novel is being targeted for masses of one-star reviews! The culprits: Star Wars fans.

Vox has an interesting explainer on what the heck is going on in the Republican party right now, including what “cuckservative” means. Spoiler: it makes no sense, they are well out of the zone of reason.

This Atlantic piece says J.K. Rowling’s habit of continuing her fiction in random twitter updates is basically the same as George Lucas writing over his Star Wars films. I link to it as this week’s example of being completely wrong.

Speaking of being completely wrong, an article by Jonathan Chait! But this time I hope he is right: the planet is starting to get on top of the climate change challenge. (If he had just managed to avoid scolding the “despairing left” at the end I might have made it through the whole piece without rolling my eyes. Chaits gotta Chait I guess.)

Fascinating tale of an American who was thrown out of teaching for being anti-government, and ended up coaching the Ugandan basketball team as a spy for the CIA. (If there aren’t a dozen spec scripts being written RIGHT NOW based on this story, I’ll eat a copy of Save The Cat.) Excerpt: “At dinner one night, without warning, he broke into the New Zealand national anthem”.

And finally, a Pinky & the Brain supercut: are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Redpill Linky

Beginners guide to the “red pill” movement, a.k.a. the hive of theatrically oppressed men who are causing so much crap right now.

Wash that nonsense out of your brain with this: 17yo Megan Follows’ audition for Anne of Green Gables. Just perfect. (via Marguerite)

Jen’s report on the search for 43 lost students and her Contributoria page for a proposed follow-up trip to the UN.

Replace all internet images with Cookie Monster

A dystopian Young Adult novel, twitter-style. (via Matt Cowens)

Jon Stewart may be going but Last Week Tonight is back:

Phil Sandifer has finally concluded his epic critical journey through the 50-year history of Doctor Who. The final piece: a book-length account of the entire story of the show’s creation and development, as a single post. Stunning.

A visit to a future Earth, after the ravages of climate change.

Vanity Fair has been asking celebrities about the Serial podcast.

20-minute doco about the people inside the Jabba the Hutt puppet. I can’t make this play on my machine for some reason. Someone tell me if it’s good.

Norman Rockwell art facts. I have much love for Rockwell thanks to a marvellous coffee table book owned by my parents through my childhood.

Reddit’s NZ community is extremely helpful with this request about the size and ferocity of spiders in New Zealand. Spot the member of Parliament…

Apparently the entirety of the Game of Thrones world has been created in Minecraft

Fascinating account of how Ta-Nehisi Coates created one of the best comment sections on the internet, and how it just couldn’t last.

Fanart corner: Hipster Star Wars

Visualisation of colour words by gender. I haven’t even looked at this properly, maybe one of you will tell me if it’s worth the trouble.

More from Nate’s dive into classic tunes: 1979 Aussie hit Space Invaders.

I had never heard of the witch who exorcised the demons from Bowie.

Might be time to go back to weekly Friday linky. This got long. And finally…