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Writing again

Here’s the first evidence that 2012 is going to be less wall-to-wall overload than 2011: I’ve started writing again.

Pulled out my old fantasy novel manuscript Fell, because several people have told me its the thing I’ve written they liked the most. My amigo Dale, who knows a thing or two about getting fantasy novels published, talked with me about it a couple years back, specifically about the value of a strong opening, and that conversation stuck. And it would be nice to get some joy out of this thing.

Also, hey – it’s an editing pass! That’s a nice, easy way to get the writing muscles firmed up before diving into something completely new. Right?

What this has meant in practice: a few short sessions tapping away. The opening 2,000 words almost totally rewritten. I’m really pleased with what feels like a much stronger opening! But it seems that I now have to completely overhaul the fundamental structure of the ENTIRE NOVEL.

Nice and easy. Hmph.

Back to it…

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  1. Amanda Lyons | March 9, 2012 at 10:18 am | Permalink

    Hey Morgan! That’s awesome news! Good on you! Unfortunately an initial rewrite does often result in that feeling – that you have to rewrite THE WHOLE DAMN THING, or at least a substantial part of it. But keep plugging away! And if you need any second opinions, I am of course always here. 😀 Good luck and God speed!