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Jet Jaguar Linky

This will probably be a short one, on account of not being able to write any of this Thurs evening because I was out at the release party for Jet Jaguar’s fourth album, “Four”. I’m listening to it now and it delivers good stuff. Check it out for yourself.

The TomKat Split! is actually some trashy magazine gossip in which I’m interested. Scientology is fascinating as well as troubling, and the way the church controls its media exposure and information flow is something to behold. The Independent has a nice short article on how this and a bunch of other events mean scientology is gonna be talked about a lot in the coming months…

A discussion on NZRaG about NZ-made boardgames led to the discovery of this: Political Football, the family boardgame of the Springbok Tour! Blimey. Kiwis will instantly get how odd this is; foreigners will have to struggle through wikipedia because I can’t craft a short description that really conveys how big a deal it was here.

Here is a video for all the single ladies of Wellington (also applies even more so in Dunedin):

(via Amanda Reilly)

Big business as job creators: a short demolition. (Via Allen Varney.)

The awesome Gem Wilder writes about how to be poor & happy. (Also recommended: Gem’s Wilder Woman blog, where cool linky are shared, awesome women are celebrated, and semi-embarrassing childhood crush objects are reconsidered.)

Classic movies as Persian miniatures (obligatory linky Star Wars content included within)

The LIBOR scandal is slowly, slowly gaining news traction outside the UK. Here’s a great infographic explaining what the hell it’s all about. Time and again I am astonished that the fate and wellbeing of the global economy is, in so many ways, dependent on what is basically an honour system.

Fascinating & surprisingly frank interview with cartoonist Grant Buist on the 10th anniversary of his comic strip of Wellington, Jitterati.

Everyone’s been sharing this, check it out if you haven’t seen it: the weird book room at Abe Books

In the 90s, comedian Patton Oswalt had his very own magical black man experience (Wiki’s got a nice article about the magical negro trope)

When that Gotye song comes on in the car you need to turn it off fast

its from new zealand i think

xkcd answers some what if questions. magical.

And finally… why “Saved By The Bell” was all a dream by a character on another TV show.

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  1. billy | July 13, 2012 at 4:14 pm | Permalink

    Ridiculous numbers of familiar faces in that Wellington vid.

  2. 2trees | July 14, 2012 at 12:02 am | Permalink

    LIBOR scandal
    “Dependent on what is basically an honour system.” that you can ignore and make loads of money until you are found out. It’s at this time you fall on your sword. Everyone then says “wow what a decent man he quit because of this” but they already have enough money to live on very well for the rest of their lives. And it’s basically stolen as a bonus for doing a bad job.

    besides that rant cheers for the linky. loving my weekly linky.