Legal Linky

Delivering info to the court in the form of a comic (part of the ebook antitrust lawsuit playing out right now) (via Miri)
(Also: Judges love Star Trek, at the Legal Geeks)

The guy who wrote Strange Fruit – well. He was involved in some interesting life, as recounted in this short NPR article. (via Vivian G)

The playlist Michael K Williams listened to for playing Omar in The Wire

Gangnam Style, Cosplay Style

GQ’s “of the year” covers: Spot the odd one out.

Stained glass Tolkien

Neat tech demo for HTML5: an animated map of the Firefly ‘verse

The economics of stolen bicycles

Tim Denee explains the secret truth about Team Fortress 2

Star Wars in real life (via Keane)

In 1905 there were two rival comic strips based on the Wizard of Oz

Interesting article that argues work/labour isn’t a good basis for political organization any more – and proposes debt as the alternative. (via Allen Varney)
(Related: George Monbiot’s very short film about what comes after capitalism)

And finally, a squamous & cyclopean take on sex education…

4 thoughts on “Legal Linky”

  1. The odd one out in GQ’s “- Of The Year” gallery is obviously James Corden. Come on, really? James Corden?

    (scrolls down)

    … Oh.

  2. Their one “woman of the year” is a wannabe pop-star whose rich dad bought her a career (and plastic surgery) and who is pictured as sitting naked and submissive on the floor. Ain’t progress wonderful?

  3. Bay – you seen Juice Rap News over on the youtube? The Kony episode is great, and so is the Australia Day episode. The Australia Day uncensored is hilarious but a leeeeetle bit rude 🙂

    Stray aliens! Mine mine mine!

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