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Scooby Linky

Polygon’s coverage of the explosive conversation on the challenges faced by women in the games industry – 1 Reason Why. My favourite spin-off thread, Jane McGonigal noting the conspicuous absence of a 50 Shades Of Grey game (and then building a team and tossing concepts around).

Scientific journal Nature looks at its gender balance numbers and faces up to some uncomfortable truths about itself (via MrsMeows)

Toy laptop for boys vs. toy laptop for girls. Can you guess how they are different? Well, one of them looks like a laptop, and the other is bright pink. But that ain’t even the worst thing. (via Theremina)

Letters of Note: Will & Grace producer owns.

Y’all seen that rather fantastic and possibly going-too-far elevator ghost prank? How about this other elevator prank, with a collapsing floor? (via Naomi Guyer, warning: this is marketing for LG). Elevators = fundamentally freaky places.

The first bootlegs of The Hobbit are already out there. Watch it before it gets taken down! The special effects aren’t quite as good as I expected.

(via Pearce)

Lego Blade Runner street (Via Malc)

On Paleofuture – 1936 literary folk predict which authors will endure

The awesomely creepy background art from the original Scooby Doo cartoons.

A new explanation for some famous psychology experiments, the prisoners vs wardens one and the electric shocks one. And if anything we humans come out looking even less admirable.

Online worlds after all the players stop turning up – abandoned fantastic cities (via Ed)

Thoughtful & detailed look at Occupy’s Rolling Jubilee idea, finding it nice but deeply flawed. (via Making Light)

The Secret Histories Project – 50 people who never turned up in your history classes (via Gem Wilder)

GATE, a puzzle game about Mars, robots and logic (free to download)

Kiwi dark crime webcomic Moth City – really good! (supported by Creative NZ no less) – sequential art peeps will want to see how it layers and changes elements.

What if a cat & a dog were your (human) flatmates? (via Mike Foster)

And finally: apparently I never got around to sharing this linky: Nic Cage as cats (via Bef)

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  1. Pearce | November 30, 2012 at 11:14 am | Permalink

    That Scooby Doo art is fabulous.

    As for a 50 Shades game being “conspicuous in its absence” – try going into your local video game store looking for ANY game about sex. There’s the Hentai industry in Japan, but in English-speaking countries it does not seem to be a thing, unless you count silly double entendre games like Lollipop Chainsaw.