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okay so you have watched this right


Rolling Stone has a great interview with the creator of this weirdness
And it’s added a credit to Lars von Trier’s IMDB page too.

Everyone’s going gaga over the Serial podcast! The Verge has a roundup of what the hell is going on and what to read if you’re already into it.

Listen to Wikipedia being updated (via Angus D)

I’ve seen about five of my regular sources link to this and it was even on, but I still haven’t read beyond the first paragraph. Still it seems to be an important piece so: Matt Taibbi talks to the woman JPMorgan Chase paid a $9 billion fine to keep from talking

Svend has dropped a bunch of interesting linky on me lately. Here’s a short article series on the typographical character the “pilcrow”, which you will probably recognise. Svend writes, “No phone/twitter salvation for this character, though it’s doing better than the double-dagger. I liked the comments — there are the occasional characters that spring forth full-formed, like the chap who wrote about developing the boustrophedon style of writing independently, and wanted to develop word-processor support for it. Perhaps unfairly, it feels like his comment sketches out a whole person. :)”

Also from Svend: A New Acoustic Instrument That Creates Sounds like a Digital Synthesizer

AndyMac sent this: “I found an online exhibition of “How the other half live” of photos taken by Jacob Riis a proto-photojournalist in the late 19th Century/early 20th. Basically, if you haven’t seen it, it’s a depiction of grinding poverty in New York City slums. It’s quite extraordinary.” Straight photos, photos + original text.

I’ve read and watched quite a few things about The Knowledge, the London cab-driver’s legendary awareness of their city. This NYT piece is the single best thing I’ve ever encountered on it. It actually goes into detail on what the Knowledge is (and it’s a lot more than I thought it was), as well as the arduous process of education complete with cram schools and feared quiz sessions steeped in 19th century traditions. Along the way you get a sense of why London is the way it is, and the incredible density of history and meaning loaded on to every street corner. Marvellous.

David Roberts (who is tweeting again, and thank heaven for that) thinks a current Obamacare battle is the point where, if they succeed, US Conservatives will completing their long process of detaching entirely from reality. And then things will really get crazy.

Ten hours of Princess Leia walking in NYC

And finally, for those following #Gamergate, the true extent of Social Justice Warrior impact on game development

too many cooks
too many cooks
too many cooks too many cooks

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