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Cultural Marxist Linky

A quick article on “cultural Marxism”, which is like the full conspiracy theory version of “political correctness” (via Gareth S)

How Harry Potter would go if Hermione was the main character

To fall out of love, do this

British Medical Journal study explaining why the magazines in Doctor’s waiting rooms are always old and boring. (via Steph P)

80s retro-synth soundtrack to Twin Peaks

A charming supercut of clips from those enthralling “interactive” games that used your VCR. THe Klingon is amazing.

How the ideal body shape for women has changed over the last 100 years

Sheriff’s Office rug says “In Dog We Trust”, no-one notices for months (via Bruce N)

Model train enthusiast makes a Miskatonic Railway layout. The scale model geeks and the Lovecraft geeks will both enjoy this one.

Excellent longread on the mystery of consciousness and arguments going on between neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers. I still find it hard to get past Dennet’s position that consciousness is just what it feels like when your brain does its thing – it beats the others on the Occam’s Razor test at least. But I do have sympathy for the notion that everything, the entire universe, is conscious.

And finally, via Billy… David Lynch cooks quinoa and tells a story

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