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Rap Battle Linky

Hodor vs Groot rap battle

Classical violinist does comedic vines. Pretty good stuff! (via Bruce Baugh)

David Roberts at Grist writes a smart, sensible response to Jonathan Franzen’s wacky climate change vs birds New Yorker essay. He hits on some truths about how we make sense of something as big and messy as climate change. It’s a good read.

Sewing pattern art with dialogue added

One of my friend Emma’s poems is being studied in schools. The poem is lovely, and the comments from the yoof of today are marvellous.

The scarily organised system of spreading Russian propaganda through the medium of internet comments.

How tech journalism is failing us, using the example of Meerkat and Periscope. Actually it really is about ethics in tech journalism this time.

If Square Enix designed Star Wars

Did Hugh Hefner build an underground tunnel from the Playboy Mansion to Jack Nicholson’s house?

Hidden behind the dumbest headline you’ll see this month is a great piece on the casting agent behind Freaks & Geeks, the Office, Parks & Rec, and so much more.

Google Maps now has a Pacman mode, where you play Pacman on the streets of your hometown (via Ed)

Buzzfeed guy who randomly becomes a celebrity in China is a fun story.

And finally, Dangerous Minds is right, the musicless music video of the Ghostbusters Theme is very, very interesting

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