Ermahgerd Lernky

Vanity Fair has a nice interview with the woman from the ermahgerd meme

Russia has made a Blade-Runner-Hunger-Games movie based on the party game “Mafia”/”Werewolf” (trailer is here). I think this makes perfect sense but everyone else is freaking out.

Infographic of bizarre stuff found in sewers. Cute, but perhaps a sign we have reached Peak Infographic.

Some people want to Boycott Star Wars because it is against white people!
Actually they were just trolling everyone!
(Some say these guys meant it and are now saying they were just trolling as the reaction pours in. I think they never meant it, because internet!rebel! culture promotes a discursive style where meaning is actively suppressed, everything is just provocative words, and meaning/purpose can be added post-hoc to serve strategic needs. The reason they get away with it is that a surprising amount of human interaction works exactly like this; they’re just using the form to cause trouble.)
Anyway: Some better reasons to boycott Star Wars, of which my favourite is:
“He’s more machine now than man, twisted and evil.” Kind of a jerk thing to say about someone whose machine prostheses are the result of you cutting off his limbs and leaving him in a volcano earlier, leaving aside the other ways this is problematic.

Fake Halloween costumes by a prank artist. I’m going to be scared-of-socks this year. (Scroll down the page to see his great Trump bit, too.)

Musical tribute to David Bowie’s Area as it appeared in Labyrinth.

Neat photos of some movie miniature sets.

Some of the shots with a digitally created Paul Walker from the last Fast & Furious film. There were loads of them. Bloody impressive. Martin & team honestly deserve to walk away with a statue or two for this one. (There’s a link onwards to a Variety interview about it.)

There once was a dildo in Nantucket. – fascinating article on local history, and trying to decide what is actual history and what is just a story told about the past.

You might have seen coverage of the sleeping study that says early humans didn’t sleep longer than we modern humans do – The Atlantic has a good, clear overview and interview. (via D3vo)

And finally, via Scott A, Thinkprogress provides a valuable factcheck on whether George W. Bush was President of the United States of America on September 11, 2001.

2 thoughts on “Ermahgerd Lernky”

  1. Wow, that guy really hates the idea of a “Mafia” movie. I can’t see the problem at all, and his whole argument is that it is self-evidently a bad idea to make a movie out of anything familiar. Weird.
    On the other hand, I had never heard of the game until now – sounds like fun. My wife probably already uses it in drama classes.

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