Blood Linky

There are vampires everywhere.

A collaboration between Jean-Michael Jarre and John Carpenter? Neat! The whole album’s great writing music. (via Bruce Baugh)

Some straight talk: wellness is not the answer to overwork. A few scary anecdotes in there too.

Via Jenni – the website for You’ve Got Mail is still alive! Oh man, back when every website had a flash intro. Who ever thought that was a good idea?

The amazing Michele A’Court explains exactly why a hijab is not OK in New Zealand.

I’ve seen some of these but many were new – behind the scenes on Godzilla films

Fascinating report on some new research by the memory lab up the hill at Vic Uni: if you ask eyewitnesses easy questions first, they get more confident that they are remembering things accurately. In court, jurors find confident eyewitnesses more convincing. In other words, if you ask an eyewitness easy questions first, they end up more convincing to a jury than if you asked exactly the same questions in a different order. That’s wild.

Via Maria: “Netflix and chill”: just an updated “Come up and see my etchings”? Warning for sexy sex sex stuff.

Via Ivan, an artist attempts to design the most frustrating objects imaginable – I’ve seen a couple of these before, but most were new to me. Artist website here.

Some vintage horror film lobby cards.

You will have seen it, but I still have to link to Chewbacca getting arrested in Ukraine. Because Star Wars gets in everything.

And finally… oral histories of pop culture things have become a pretty tired genre already. Along comes the WaPo, with an oral history of a six-second clip of a sports guy shouting some words. Beautifully done.

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